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Monday, March 19, 2007

Should one of us change?

This is my first blog. I choose to post an issue that has always concerned me personally, and, going by the dictum "If it has happened to you, it has happened before", I expect many of you to have undergone similar experience.

In relationships, specially those borne out of strong initial mutual passion ("spontaneous combustion"), rather quickly comes a time when reality bites and one of you will have a Blue Monday and start introspecting about mutual compatibility, and therefore, longevity. It is time to revisit the chemical reaction. It is time to degenerate the sheer thrill of spontaneous combustion into mediocrity of a steady relationship or controlled combustion, e.g. the kind that drives our bikes and cars albeit with a difference--this one has two driver's seats!

When you endow yourself with the capability of looking ahead, far ahead, you can see craters on moon's surface. You discover that your partner needs improvements before he/she can fit the longevity equation. More often, the person perceived to be lower on Maslow's pyramid will be subjected to take correctional measures.

My predicament is: Should one of us change?


  1. i dont think anyone has to change.relationship is all about accepting a person as he/she is.what do u feel?

  2. Sorry, Vivekha, I had been very busy saving my an my team's job!

    Yes, I agree with you. This is a universal/ideal caveat in all relationships. However, we all fall prey to our weakness of character and do not honor the terms of endearment.

  3. I liked the pic on blog .

    It’s easy to say `relationship is all about accepting a person as he/she is*` but fact is that no one has ever qualified the statement, if someone claims to do so than s/he must be the closest form of GOD we have on earth. Change is a natural order and there are always few adjustments happening in our traits, not necessary that we realize it all the time. Do we resist or accept the need of change wrt married life is what will make the difference at the end! So final question is `should I change`…

  4. IMO the answer should be "I need to change";
    I need to change in re-aligning the expectation I've.
    I need to change in accepting others mistakes.
    I need to change in the way I see the other persons activity, think about the intent rather than action.