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Thursday, June 16, 2011


There always exists a possibility of a structure or form to emerge out of randomness because order and disorder are merely extreme forms of each other. In nature, this happens all the time.

For instance, the dashed lane markers on the road will become (appear) joined together provided you are positioned sufficiently far away. Like wise, you can observe "rivers" flowing through the printed words on a newspaper page provided there are a sufficient number of lines and you hold the newspaper sufficiently far away from your eyes.

The question is, how many traffic lane markers or how many newspaper lines should exist, and, how far removed should the observer be such that disorder degenerates into order, or vice-versa? From the perspective of our lives, it is like asking how many events and life experiences should one go through and how distant these events should be (in time) for us to develope the capability to see what others cannot.

It has a profound and peaceful influence on our lives if we can develope this capability to find order in disorder in people around us, their behaviour, things, events and our own actions over time.

The other important thing is not to wish for order in ourselves, others and the world around us. Disorder is norm and order is a subset and an artefact.

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