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Monday, June 20, 2011

Religion and God

(October 2007)

I have thought a lot about the conundrum of Religion and God and come to the conclusion that these have nothing to do with each other.

Here is the mathematical proof.

Consider the following equations drawn from the current state of practice of religion:

Religion = God + Superstition and/or Belief

This can also be written as,

Religion - Superstition and/or Belief = God (1)

Also, either God exists or it does not. Therefore,

God = 0 or 1 (2)

From (1) and (2) above, we can have,

Religion - Superstition and/or Belief = 0 or 1 (e.g. Nothing or Everything) (3)

Let us discuss the expression on right hand side of the equation (3) and try to understand why the extent of Superstition/Belief indicates our extent of evolution.

As all of us perhaps agree, the concept of God (or the route to meeting God) must relate to some sort of self-realization or self-actualisation, something that every living being can achieve. And, once achieved, it stays that way. In other words, upon self-actualisation, either we would have achieved everything that we ever wanted or the want itself would go away completely.

In terms of evolution, as long as the desire for material things remains within us, we are yet to evolve fully. The evolutionary stage can be indicated the type of material wants remaining e.g. physical, sensory or intellectual, etc. In each stage, extent of inner peace or satiation is different. Self-actualisation or discovery of God is a finality in this achievement of everything or nothing due to intangibility.

Coming to the LHS of equation (3), for Religion minus Superstition and/or Belief to be equal to God, there are two possibilities:

a) If God exists (RHS = 1 or everything) then Religion = God, meaning that Superstition or Belief do not exist or are insignificant because even minusing these from Religion still leads to "everything". 
b) If God does not exist (RHS = 0 or nothing) then Religion = Superstition or Belief, meaning that Religion is nothing but Superstition or Belief.

Here is revealed a basic contradiction. We all know that Superstitions and Beliefs exist and intertwined with the practice of Religion, each religion having its own system of rituals, etc. Also, God exists, else, why debate? It is nothing but Mother Nature in all its manifestations in the living and the non-living.

Therefore, statement a) must be untrue and Religion and God have nothing to do with each other! And, from b) we can conclude that Religion is nothing but Superstition or Belief.


With this proof, we should in fact feel liberated. The route to the discovery of God is free passage with no pre-knowledge or expert guidance required. Do practice religion, if you must, but not for self-actualization. In its uncorrupted and uncommercialized form, it is strictly required to maintain an orderly social system and keep you away, as far as possible, from bringing pain and suffering to other beings.

God's lab is extremely frugal, the only required apparatus is you and Mother Nature! 

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