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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What do they actually mean when they say...

“English Medium”
As a result of our school’s tireless efforts and underpaid faculty, your child’s level of English will at best be “medium”. Means की good भी नहीं कह सकते और bad  भी  नहीं, हैना जी?
“Construction is in full swing”
The speed of construction fully swings between start and full stop due to frequent shortage of money.
“24-hour emergency”
You can bring your minor illness to us anytime during 24 hours in a day and we will worsen it to qualify for an emergency procedure.
“Hurry, last few xyz left”
We have already fooled enough people for one day but if you hurry, we can roll in a last few more before we go for kebabs and drinks.
“Your dream house”
Yes, you read it right.
“Home away from home”
We offer you the same crap you are trying to run away from.
“Discover a new you”
First learn to hate yourself in your present package.
“Breaking news”
Since we have spare airtime and nothing new to report, we have manufactured news by breaking down and reassembling stale news.
“Special offer”
The normal offer was cheaper a month back and no one was buying it.
“Easy EMI’s”
We will pull out one healthy tooth at a time.

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