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Monday, July 18, 2011

The Ship of (W)Reck

(The Chronicles of a RECKed Life)

The very first challenge in writing this piece was to find a suitable title. Our journey of five long years was nothing short of a warm-bloodied, Old Monk drenched voyage in which we slay many a Scylla and Charybdis. Our ship forever rocked and rolled on the waves of fear and tides of adulterated fun until we reached the final port of call. It’s a pity that some of our mates chose to be left behind to cavort with sirens on deserted islands en route. Right from the day we fearfully checked-in into the ragging infested campus through to the final semester exams and on-campus placement sessions, it has been a ride to remember. It was a journey during which much innocence was lost and manhood discovered wholly or in part.
This blog post chronicles this wonderful journey, a saga of pain & pleasure, darkness & light and fight & flight. It is an attempt to recreate history collectively.
I invite all mates to contribute to the following folklore topics:
  • The first year/fear/ragging
  • End of innocence/the hunted becomes the hunter
  • The Hostels
  • Hangouts (Apollo/Khoka/3rd Gate/Giru’s jokes/”Birthdays”/credit accounts)
  • Late night life (Teen patti/night shows)
  • Personalities
  • Talents (Sports, music, singing, bathroom singing…)
  • Events
  • Profs
 Please pick a topic and write your heart out under the “Comments” to this post. I will then compile all the pieces and host these as a single story.

Bon voyage!


  1. Dear MPS: I posted this on our facebook group previously: Enjoy:

    1982 Holi @Hostel #3: Does anyone remember?

    It was like any other morning in RECK. Went down for breaker and had some bread pakodas or semthing.... then came out to be doused with shit loads of color water from floors above.... The gujjus were runnign around with spray guns and what not... I had only one pajama and couldn't afford to color it... so begged releif till I changed.... They waited patiently and soon as I did, whoooom!

    Around 10:45 some ouf more enterprising mates, decided to whisk a brew most interesting: Mile shake with vanilla and cardomom and a touch of some exotic herb! We who were cool decided to try this strange brew and it was yummy!!! We retired ot our rooms shortly thereafter....

    Around noon, there was a commotion and the plan was to go for a walk into the Uni Campus... I remember saying "Hang On Guys, I am coning...." and changed into a shoe and pun on my jeans jacket... as it was a bit chilly that morning.... When I came out: I saw the entire gang hanging on the brick walls lining the corridor from the block to the mess hall.... incredible sight and etched forever....

    The rest of the afternoon is best not desribed here or anywhere else for that matter.... by 7PM, some one suggested that a check in to the main hospital was much warranted given the state of our brothers.... dazed, sloopy eyes and general lack of coordiantion... So we did. As protocol dicatated, the RECK doctor was called for help but he was too far gone to say the least. So, it was sedatives and saline for those more "gone" and sleep..... I remember that General, Brigadier, Commander, Gopinath ji was taking care of me (I was a raving lunatic after all).... and thanks to him, I survived the incarceration!

    Next morning we were extricated by the warden and other dignitaries (for want of a better word) with a warning that they would send a letter of reprimand to all our homes...

    Smart Sarath decided to prempt the warden and wrote home a detailed letter about the unfortunate mishap. The warden forgot all about it..... That summer, I had a lot of explaining to do at home/////

    It was the best Holi of my life. AMEN.

  2. Sarath, the "exotic herb" was Bhang that grew everywhere on campus. The trouble was that our dear master chef Mr. Darshan and his Nepali gang used a copper vessel to get the real juice out of the magic herb. They were already too drunk on cheap country liquor to notice that the vessel had copper sulfate deposits. Hence, we all drank the Blue Vitriol instead of the Bhang Ka Ghota...

    Also, noteworthy was the over-friendly behaviour of our afflicted friends towards the nurses in the Referral Hospital. Almost everyone wanted to be given the shot in their bums instead of the arms...I mean the RECKers' bums!

    Jaideep Nakai, myself and some other good samaritans who missed drinking from the cornucopia (we got up a trifle too late that morning), had to ferry bread, butter and Jam in the college van to the hospital and feed the lunatics!