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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Happy Birthday!

What is it about getting a year older or a year less younger? 

Compared to the last year, should we have become wiser and less spontaneous? Should the expectations of the world from us now diminish or rise? Should we precipitate achievement of our goals because the hour glass is emptying relentlessly? Should we look back on our score on the goals set during the last year or forget and look ahead instead?

Anniversaries are always traumatic events, that is, after the metaphorical "end of innocence", when we come to realize that time waits for none. Be it our own lives and relationships, or, organisations and their failures and successes. Every greeting and felicitation is a reminder of the fact that while the world goes around in perpetuity, the time left for your stroll on the sands of time just became a trifle shorter. 

The fatigue at the end of the day's celebrations are not so much a result of physical effort and merry making, as it is mental. The night after revelry is restless.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

याद रखना

जाने कब ये दिल
बेघर हो जाए
मेरे यार का पता
याद रखना

जाने कब उनसे
मुलाक़ात हो जाए
बिछड़ने का सलीका
याद रखना 

जाने कब ये मंजिलें
गुम हो जाएँ
रास्तों का हुनर
याद रखना 

खुदा का हक
तुझसे पहले है
हर दुआ मांगने से पहले
याद रखना


Monday, August 1, 2011

आज़ादी के चौंसठ साल

हमने आज़ादी के चौंसठ सालों में  
हथेली पर सरसों उगाई है 
हमारे नेताओं को सूंघ लो