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Saturday, January 21, 2012

What C-DOT Silver Jubilee Celebrations mean to me.

(21 July 2009)

Fellows, this, for me if a time for celebration. Unadulterated and uninhibited. I would loathe to burden myself with thoughts about the second coming of the great C-DOT “experiment”, simply because it was fun while it lasted. There was nothing like this before and there will never be. Period.

Time is not continuous. That is, if you care to slice it and keep only the portions with resins on them. On the 27th August (I assume), I would like to inhale the aroma of the still fresh pies with resins on them. This aroma is also known as the “Spirit of C-DOT”, something that exists unchanged, unblemished and imbibed by all C-DOTians. Like it is with all good things that withstand the test to time, fate chooses just the right people. In that sense, we the bearers of the flame, bring the Spirit alive every time we come together. We are “touched by the hand”.

We have all come a long way. Boys to men and giggly girls to ladies proper. Our egos apace.  Everybody is somebody. C-DOT was created from a bunch of nobodies. This time each one of us will have so much to shed prior to the March for we travel light no more. We have been domesticated to work for others. I, therefore, am not losing my sleep over the second coming or the new revolutions we could be part of.

Just show me a barefooted Mao; Aadesh with his ubiquitous spiral notebook; Das’s drawnings; Kohli giving piece of his mind to none other than Meemamsi; Mrs Meemasi’s “aur kaise ho?”; Mr. Lal playing the mouth organ; Mr Mahajan’s fetish for engineering drawings; the holy trinity of Renu-Varsha-Bala; TC’s chain smoking; Leslie’s smile; VYK sandwiches; cricket on Shanthi Path lawns; embassy swimming pools; Das smoking on the balcony; Dani’s curls; the good looking secy’s (never realized HR’s designs of running an in-house jeevansathi.com); Raman’s sore leg after being hit with cricket ball; Saturday Rajma-Rice-Thums up langar from Gulshanji; awe of 901; Swar Parichay; G. Mohan’s savvy; line printer print outs; breakfast in bed during Akbar Hotel days; disco parties; evenings in Rajinder Nagar; Kuldeep’s affection; Ishita’s fiery moments; late night shayari sessions at nukkad; big brother Hari; Nagi’s insights; inseparable Geetha and N. Uma; PK Sridhar and Jasbir’s creativity; Shanky’s handwriting and OHT’s; quizzes on Reception; visiting Kittur in summer; dinners at Queens; Kulfi at Bowering Stall; worldly wisdom of Keni; can’t get angry Mr Meemamsi; Sam’s megawatt smile in that hairstyle!

These are few of my favourite things.

And, I would like to revisit them on this 27th August.

Nothing more. Nothing less!

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