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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Suggestions on Amendments to Criminal Law relating to Safety and Security of Women

To be emailed to: justice.verma@nic.in before January 5, 2013.

1. Woman should be considered innocent until proven guilty. Onus on the man to prove himself innocent.

2. Handling of the incident 
a. Victim’s identity protected from the start. No such immunity to the offender.
b. Separate cell for women in every police station to register and pursue criminal cases.
c. No requirement at all or at least an option available to the women victim to not visit the police station. The women police officers in plain clothes should visit the victim at her home during the course of the case.
d. A counselor accompanies the police team to victim’s home
e. Online lodging of FIR. Compulsory lodging of FIR by the online system and the Woman Duty Officer. No denials.
f. Video evidence recording at victim’s home
g. Trial and identification parade via Video Conferencing 

3. Stricter punishment for Eve Teasing, Harassment and Rape
a. Zero tolerance policy
b. Imprisonment in every case, ranging from a few days to life
c. Life imprisonment for rape accompanied by physical or mental cruelty 
d. Capital punishment for heinous crimes

4. To prevent false cases, stricter punishment for women too. 

5. Preventive Measures to be implemented
a. Toll free numbers and special PCRs vehicles for women police officers
b. Compulsory stationing of women police officers and PCR vehicles at all public places e.g. schools, colleges, call centers, office complexes, malls, markets, multiplexes, places of worship, etc.
c. Compulsory GPS receiver and video surveillance in all public transport vehicles, including school buses and chartered buses. 
d. Regular security audit of #7 and #8 above.

6. Police reforms at large must be initiated without delay. Complete transparency, to avoid undue leverage being available to the influential people or buying-out of police.

7. Women's Cells and Women Commissions to be headed by eminent jurists and not by the so-called 'Social Activists'.