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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Haryana Government Proposes Novel Solution to the Gurgaon Toll Gate Imbroglio

Gurgaon/Chandigarh: Haryana Government has announced a novel scheme to tackle commuters’ woes on the Delhi-Gurgaon expressway, specially the situation at the Sirhol Toll Plaza, next to the Ambience Mall in Gurgaon. Barring a few thousand VIPs of Haryana and Delhi governments and local politicians, lakhs of commuters are daily facing a tough time dealing with long waiting time at the toll plaza. The situation is made worse by the ungentlemanly conduct of the toll attendants, who do not give in to Delhiites’ “tu jaanta nahin mera baap kaun hai” pretensions.

In his statement to the press at Chandigarh, the Chief Secretary of the Haryana government said that “the government of Haryana has taken away the day-to-day management of the toll plaza from the present concessionaire M/s DSC and handed it over to McDonald’s, the famous fast food chain and a few other companies in the hospitality sector." He added, "Once the government's plan is fully implemented, waiting at the toll plaza will cease to be a pain for everyone and instead become delays to look forward to." He provided the following highlights of the plan. 

The toll plaza lanes will be designated as 'General', 'Executive', 'Culture Vulture', 'VIP' and 'Desi' lanes.

In the 'General' lanes, should the queue length exceed 300 meters from the toll gates, customers will not be required to pay any toll and will also be entitled to a free burger meal of their choice. They can place their orders on special counters 200 meters from the gates and collect their order at the gate.  

The 'Executive' Lane Limousine
In the 'Executive' lanes, special business limos will be available 300 meters from the toll gate in which business executives can schedule their business meetings in advance. These limos will come with a comely Secretary, coffee machine and LCD projector.    

For the culture savvy, the 'Culture Vulture' lanes will play short films from Berlin, Cannes and other film festivals on giant LED TVs. Free Wi-Fi service will be available to the self-styled critics for tweeting their opinions on these films.

The 'VIP' Lane 
The special 'VIP' lanes will serve free meals, liquor and              to all 'VIPs'. Journalists and fake news websites will not be permitted in the VIP lanes.

The 'Desi' Lane

Also, in keeping with the ubiquitous 'Ahata’ culture of Gurgaon, some of the lanes will be designated as ‘Desi' lanes where one can buy liquor, chakhna (namkeen) and mineral water of choice but not Chowmein. Both Haryana and Delhi Police have been asked not to challan drunk drivers consuming liquor from these specially co-branded bottles.

Waiting at the Gurgaon toll plaza was never so much fun! 

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