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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Black is black, I wanna my baby back...

What does a lazy blogger do? He waits for a better writer to write something, get inspired and decide to perspire!

Dear Purba Ray, a much decorated blogger, recently wrote about the racism of a different kind http://www.purba-ray.com/2014/11/black-is-new-white.html. She pronounced that 'Black' is the new 'White' when it came to money, an allusion to a spectrum of symptoms people the world over exhibit when envying those who keep 'Black Bucks' as pets. It's a case of green backs (or red backs or Gandhi Ji) turning black and making the have-not's turn green with envy (or red or find solace in sermons on 'the purpose of life').

I am here to bat for the Black and to say this to venerable Ma Purba: "Black is not the new white. Black is black!"

World's discomfort with the black color is ancient. Right from Cleopatra, who lounged on the banks of Nile smeared with waxes and lotions to keep her complexion as close as possible to White, to Ku Klux Klan to Eminem, man's push against the color black is astounding. But Mother Nature holds her own against such rapacious assaults. She captures the best things in life in black, things for which people are ready to kill each other, for instance, crude oil and occupied lingerie.  

Black is cathartic. Black heals. Black is Bountiful!

Remember your grandma rubbing coal ash to to shine a dirty vessel? Or, your Mommy slapping that J&J belladonna tape to expunge the muck from that boil on your bottom? Or, your (shameless!) Daddy applying  L'Oreal Casting Color 200 to create confusions of all kinds? Or, your Mommy wearing black dress because (she thinks) she looks slimmer in it? Or, your first black leather jacket for that illusion of manhood? Or, that weightlessness that overcame you while hugging that big bagful of cash you received on selling your property? Or, the bhaichara that ensued after paying off the traffic cop or driving license maker or property registrar or income tax guy or...

Now, imagine a world without black! A grandma who keeps dirty dishes, your swollen ass, a dad who already looks like your grandpa, a "slightly healthy" Mommy in technicolor, your wiry frame riding a bike in cheap "Proud to be xyz" T-shirt, paying the designated traffic violation penalty, building a house strictly per approved plan, failing the driving test simply because you rammed the test car into the Regional Transport Office direction marker,...

And, finally, tell me, how does this sound to your ears: "Ho-nest Po-li-ti-ci-un"?

Apocalypse now!!


  1. I am feeling blue after reading about black. Take no flack but give it back cause life is not just black or white...

    Nice one Sirji. Sarath - WRecker.

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